Been a while...

I had dismissed my blogger for a long time, i need to treat better my first blog.
Well, i need to first put some order and organization with my own computer before deciding what to upload, i have been posting most of the in tumblr, but nothing great and lots of drama.
Also i tried with the banner to not look blurry but my html and designs skills are limited, let see how much i can do here and in the rest of the share places.

Moon Animate 2

My scene for the project Moon Animate 2
Had to shamefully ask for a week of extension, but it's finally finished.

Feel free to join! Submissions are open:
Moon Animate



Gift art for GhostHead-Nebula. One of my goals for the new year was to set a season to make drawings for others, thought because of real life... i might put it as a thing for the whole year...
This is her fan character Michelle, it was going to originally be a collab, but the sketch was getting old, and it needed it's tweaks, and seeing how we both were getting busy... meh, let's just do a gift art.

Chipo in cartoon

Wanted to draw a more simpler version of my character, kind of cartoony, and also played a bit with vector coloring, like i used to do with the work, only this time is for funs.
I suppose this is my last piece for this year, was going to do more, but after you see so many awesome things around internet, seems like i'm not going to even bother, where's the rum?
Now if you excuse, i will return to my corner so i can keep going with my crying, wait... i also need to update the other blog.

Assortment of Characters - Part I

Colored a couple of characters, but I don't have enough of each group to make separate post like the previous ones, so i will put all the characters that i had colored in one.
Thought i could make at least another line up, but got busy with the work, i really enjoy doing this, with all and their mistakes, even though i'm not sure if i will ever continue the story i had planned for all of these fellas.
The first row are characters who are the main guardians for elements, the second row is for a type of character that is my fantasy ver for a zombie to say something, to i rather call them undead, and the last row the one in the left is a type of merchant and the one in the right is a simple scarecrow.


The Hunters - Part IV

Guess who finally finished the second line up before the end of the year?
I only had one character left... but I was so lazy to finish it up, well, not completely true, some life issues appeared during this last months and... welp... 
And now some small information, some of them work in couple, some do it for the rewards, others for a living, and others looking for a worthy challenge, they know each other, but they are not actual friends between themselves.
Here is the final line up.
< --- (Baltar)



Inktober! Day 31

I DID IT! I DID INKTOBER! Let's close it with the a bubu ending of my main chara.
Hope you had a good Halloween, in my case... i will have to wait for next year for another chance to experience the trick or treat thing...

Day 31 - Chipo