mayo 18, 2011

Darkieland updates

I think i should work with a banner too, oh well, new addition to the blog, buttons! (thought the compression of the images was too <

By little, i will try to make this page as neat as i can since im planning to use it for portfolio page.

Short explanation of each page

Darkieland - Main page, i will upload the decent drawings, pictures from news, write about my ignorance (journal, thoughts, rants, plans, etc), and of course, one or two random moment

Sketchoholic - Second community of art that i join, will upload character drawings for the moment

Deviantart - Main art community account, were i publish the stuff from this blog and others, also, to stay attend of amazing people and tutorials

Flickr - Photography, mostly from my dolls and sometimes, experiments.

Formspring - Question page, a perfect opportunity to annoy me too

Youtube - Video account for my animations.

? - The storage blog


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