agosto 09, 2011

August kind of Journal

Hello everybody, been a while since I don't update here.

My excuse for that is... because most of the drawings are going for the sketch area, want to live the finished ones for here, so, if you want to check the kind of sane side of my mind, check the sketch blog.

I think I have some stuff that I can show you, let's see what i got here (trying to avoid fan art)...

What I'm mostly doing is working on one of those internet memes, this one that I'm working on consist in drawing 100 of your characters, originals or from fanaticism, but because i love creating stuff every freaking day, the countdown has increased, so... there will be more than 100 to show up, when I get it done, I will upload the sets so you can see the faces without a square crop.

With that left up, i will progress to upload some stuff here.

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