mayo 06, 2012

Hello people:

About a week ago i finished my last year of learning animation at the college, and luckily, i got a chance to work, but because of some paper issues, i couldn't be hired, so meanwhile im waiting to begin the process for that paper, i will be taking super lazy vacations, until i get the happy job.

For the moment, i have been playing some PS1 games, got motivated after listening walkthroughs of them on internet while finishing my short so... and coloring some old sketches that i have around, mostly fan art, you may see them on my DA account , which is a little bit dead since i don't comment pretty often and well, there is lots of stuff to comments and yadda yadda.

But since we are on beautiful spring, i will try as well to continue the second part of the hellhole challenge of the past year, which means im going for 200 characters now, horay!

Now i will continue with my lazy routine.


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