julio 10, 2012

Some new for... June

Lol, more than a month without an update? it's time for some explanations lady.

The first one was that on June i was trying to spend as much as possible with my mother before she returned to our country, secondly... i was playing games?


Also... the house keeps one pretty busy as well, some small market, cleaning stuff, cooking for sister and I etc etc, you get entertained. 

In respect with artwork, not much, i have been drawing but not so much, mostly fan art related to pokemon because of a RP (roleplaying) group, also happy for doing my first RP as well and having some small chat as well ♪, hope i can get back to color the characters sketches that i have hold, and maybe some creatures as well, because they are fun and i like putting stuff on a mixer. I wanted to put something up here... but i don't think you will be interested n the fan art, if you are curious, you can check my DA on the link page.

From rest... spamming on Tumblr like a lot of people 8I. 

Sorry i'm not an interesting person or can keep you entertained with drawings, but hey, an update is an update, now if you excuse, i'm going to paint something before putting in order the clothing, and maybe some games... ♪


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