noviembre 10, 2012

Movember updates

Forgot what kind of tag this is so i'm putting both.

Get used to the sad little doodle because that's how i feel most of my time.

Anyway, here are some kind of good new, finally and thanks to my sister, i was able to get a job and contract on JamFilled Studios and now i work as Layout Painter, i say kind because two days ago we signed the contract after a month of issues and yada yada, i think there are some tweaks to fix but for sure, i have a job and contract, which is the most important part, now i can happily collaborate with the rent ♪

And since i have been busy painting pines, and pines... and more pines... I haven't got time for my won stuff like i used to do, and either with the one or 2 free days i pick, i don't feel like drawing, low motivation, laziness, people that make me feel like crap because of their talent, that silly stuff, will try to see if i can approach this day before continuing with my friends the pines.

Have been dead on DA for the same reason, sometimes i would like to try on on the ConceptArt community, but i'm to chicken and still noob for that place.

Also for spare times each day after work i play a little bit of games, at the moment, i'm playing L.A. Noire, and with each partner, i miss the first one that i had... also, i'm a terrible driver, but i still don't have any injured citizen C:.

I think that's all for the moment, i have another plan to do, but i need to make sure my confidence before doing that final step.


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