enero 09, 2013

Hello 2013

Hello fellas ♪

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the lack around, seems that still i can't balance the job with free time plus chores around the house, but at least it's awesome to receive your own cheques after so many paper problems.

However, tomorrow is my free day of the week, so will check and see if i can do some lil stuff around to give the blog some luv.

Also, i have some news for ya, sadly is not stuff related to animation (i miss the college) but something a little bit personal, after finally some chit chat and random talks plus plans, i will get up my own webpage, something a little bit more organized to put my artwork and not so bloggy (i still love you blogger).

At the moment, i think i have set up the look up, if you have to see the content and check the text, and maybe after lots of explanations, i can manage it on my own without bothering people.

So... that's all :I, it's around  3:30 of the morning so i should be sleeping, g' night ♪


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