abril 29, 2013

April and May news

Hewo anyone who reads this.

After a while from the last update is time for some news around the blog:

First off, there is a lack of full colored drawings or sketches in general because of my job in JamFilled, and i got recently into another job, but until i firm the contract i cannot confirm anything yet. Also fixing my working schedule to improve it, but for sure, i'm able to pay the rent and food.

The sketchbook area will be updated too as soon as possible, maybe tomorrow or probably the next i'm compensation of full colored stuff.

The second new, thanks to the help of a friend, i will have my own webpage where i would show my stuff a little bit more organized and maybe professionally, of course the blog will be kept in use to tell news, i cannot leave blogger at all, it has been good with me for so long. Hopefully this year the site will be up.

For the rest, i think as soon the show that i'm working on in JamFilled gets aired, i can upload the stuff i have been working on, the only clue that i can give you is that it has lots and lots of pines CB. If i get to organize better or at least sleep more earlier, who knows, maybe i can get something animated as well, pretty short but something.


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