abril 29, 2013

Summoner headshots

From Pineland, i got you some updates and new drawings ♪

When i was little, one my fav games was Final Fantasy VIII, thought only my big sister played it because she was the one with better English  but still i enjoyed the summons that where on the game. And after a while (years) i was finally able to redraw some head shots resembling the summons, some of them i'm ok, other might need another round, but overall, i suppose i'm good. So yeah, this is the situation of "how the will look if they were people". 

And even though everybody has their own point of view or taste, this is a fun exercise for face gesture and to play how much of appeal you can get (which i think i didn't get at all in a couple of them) but let see when i get free time agains i can do some "justice"

It's a pity that this game has so much hate.

More info or another kind of description in my Tumblr or DA account .

The Summons of the game


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