junio 09, 2013

Entering June and... nothing else

Hello anyone reading this, let's have some short updates.

Now that i signed my contract, i can say freely that i'm also working on Wild Kratts doing... exactly the same, The other studio is in slowpoke mode and for the moment i don't have any prob, except for hating more trees but complaining is part of the routine. Is not a bad job, i just complain a lot.

And because my job requires sitting for a minimum of 8 hours, i'm going to a chiropractic to see if he can fix my back and my terrible posture.

There is a small update on the sketch area, just 2 new doodles and hey, i reached 100 post ♪. Hope i can get a week of coloring something instead of just doodles,, i also hope i don't forget how to draw :I.

Was going to put something more random, but i should be working now, maybe in another moment when i think about it better.

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El jabon azul causa esa reacción