agosto 01, 2013

Updates for August

Hello fellas:

Really there is not a lot to tell, but a little update is still something.

First off, I did a little remake of my banner, doing better lines and making the tones a bit more to gray so it doesn't bother the yes too much (or at least mines). I was planning as soon i get better economically (or buy less toys) i can print some new business cards again, a long with some buttons and stickers, because i luv them, but of course, before getting those neat stuff i need the web page up, hopefully we can see it finished before new year.

Still on Wild Kratts, some weeks are tedious and others are cool off, I also hope to get better in the sense of working more like I was on college. 

Also this is a long weekend (got a bit of dur hur moment with this...), so... this really shouldn't matter to me because i'm a freelance and all the days are the same, you get your spare time once you finish, what makes this one different is that in this one my sister will be away until Sunday, so it's going to be me, my madness and the poor cat, also lots of trees.

As for drawings... just doodles, so you have to keep an eye on the sketchbook area.

When I get something more fun to tell will update until them, enjoy this month, now if you excuse me, i have to finish my ice cream ♪


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