octubre 25, 2013

Future stuff to come

Since this is still on planning, the news are not going to be post on Yeodarkie yet.

Anything to update related to my work? Well know I work with two studios again, working as layout painter for Wild Kratts and Wander over Yonder at Mercury FIlmworks, Is it stressful? A little bit, especially when the get both deadlines on the same day, But here i go handling the stuff... sorta.

Away from the little disaster i'm in, i have to say the drawings had been reduced to... practically zero because there are no spare times or motivation to do after i finish.

But as soon holidays arrive, there will be new stuff added for Darkieland and Yeodarkie:

For Darkieland and Yeodarkie I'm still working on extra links where you can find me in other places.
Also, the background sample section will have content as well the life drawing section... as long i can find the more decent examples...

There is also this kind of third free website that i want to work on that will have for purpose the archive and administration of character that i have, it would help me as well to work better on their stories and personalities. (Nothing like having this bunch of wild ideas running in your head while you work).

Oh well, that's all the bla stuff i can tell at the moment, i should keep working now, have to hurry my ass if i want to accomplish the deadlines, and these leafs keep multiplying.

Until the next post.


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