abril 27, 2014

All work and no fun makes Maria a dull person

Hello fellas.... anyone reading this.

Still working as a layout painter, now working with Mercury Filmworks on a new show that i think i can't say anything yet. Which means i finished with Wander Over Yonder work, and a while ago with Wild Kratts. Probably the only thing i can say, the layouts require a bit more of detail, and paint which i think is not my best with photoshop, but i'm there... learning... and doing personal bets to see how many days i get delayed with a deadline.

Also, because i still need to see how to work some stuff, the link section is still on plan, but enough of boring stuff, you want doodles, why you wanna read about my dull life? And the sad part is... most of the time i finish my batch for the episode, i'm so annoyed that i don't want to keep painting, and when i have the inspiration... it's because i'm painting layouts, you may know how this goes, is that awful circle of life.

But... i got some little stuff to show. The Sketchblog has a couple of drawings and silly stuff that i have when i remembered i can draw. And Yeodarkie has an update as well on the background work section, at the moment just my work for Camp Lakebottom, when the episodes that i had work on get aired will keep uploading.

Was also working on something more personal, but i want to wait a bit more before showing it to people, contains more randomness and derp, and at the moment only in spanish, but by looking at the pics you might know what it's happening regardless of the language.

Welp, will keep seeing if i can do some more stuff around before receiving more work tomorrow, you read until here? Congrats, have an invisible cookie.


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