junio 14, 2014

From Pines to Butts

Hello... however is reading this.

Remember that i said i was working on a new show on Mercury Filmworks? Well, not anymore, because i got another job offer from Jam Filled Studios and begun working with them on May (On Mercury i was working since beginnings of April just in case), doing the same, but with extras and a good round of pros, for job and economy stability, what kind of show i'm working on? A cartoon called The Day My Butt Went Psycho, and yes, it's pretty weird, but i'm working and a bunch of cool and fun stuff.

If you wan to see about what it goes, here is a link.

You know what also is the best part of everything, that i'm not a freelance, and that i can actually enjoy a weekend, doing exactly nothing but it's fun and relaxing.

Not that being freelancer wasn't bad, but the last months where i bit more stressing than usual, mostly because my sister was working from a studio instead, and i was the whole day alone... and i was loosing mental sanity more quicker than usual C:.

That's all i can say about current status, i will upload a couple of stuff on the sketchbook.


2 comentarios:

Schnuron dijo...

Hola, Maria.

Vi tus fondos o BGs que hiciste (lo cual no sabia) para Wander over yonder y son geniales. (lamentablemente me di cuenta que no trabajas en esa serie)
Vi The Day My Butt Went Psycho y no me dio el gusto del humor que hace en esa serie, pero yo pienso que uno tiene que estar a cargo de dibujar lo que el director o alguien que pide que haga eso.

Mi unica consulta es, que programas usas o pintas para los backgrounds?


Maria Ch. Yeoshen dijo...

Wenas, gachias por comentar C:

Los fondos ya están hechos, mi trabajo es pintarlos siguiendo algo que se llama "color key" que son los colores guía del show, deje Wander porque la producción de fondos termino por marzo, y me fui con el estudio de los butts mientras. No es tan mala la serie de hecho, pero bueno, cada quien con su gusto, a parte, trabajo es trabajo.

Para pintar los fondos uso Photoshop, generalmente usan la version mas nueva, pero yo me quede con la CS3, y para pintar mis propias cosas uso un programa llamado Paint Tool SAI.