octubre 24, 2014

An October Update

Hello Fellas:

I had some updated around, actual colored drawings, there are not a lot, but if something, i will also update soon the sketch area. If you follow me on tumblr you may have seen most of it already.

Also, wanted to let you know i got a job back to Wild Kratts for the fourth season, and so far i'm good (no pines at the moment). I also should mention that i should be working right now, but wanted to write some stuff before continuing.

I took a time to change all the pictures that i could around the blog, because some of them where too big, and others where just... meh. I'm planing on also fixing the tags around, but because that would take more time, i will leave it for another moment.

(I also found a way of stopping google to dark my images will uploading).

Related to personal, i'm going to have family reunion soon, because having the stress of having your parents living on a country with lots of corruption and insecurity is not good for the heart C:, hopefully we will have tons of good and fun time (like the old times ;u;).

Welp, i guess that's all i can say for the moment, will try to keep drawing and see how much i can get from Inktober thingy (no high expectations).

Before living, here i leave you a nice song by Blind Guardian
And if you don't want to listen, here is something adorable to cheer your day.

Have a good weekend.


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