enero 05, 2015

Plans for this year, not making promises

Oh hai random people:

Did you have a happy new year? Yes, awesome, No, it's ok, you still have a bunch of new days to fix that.

What are my plans for this year, aside from the usual boring things of "being an adult" (i'm still young, but if i already have a work and i pay taxes... well... ;A;), I want to color a lot of my sketches from last year, hopefully i can have one line up of characters ready. Also i want to get my characters to be MOVING, or at least having them on a more dynamic pose than standing, if not, at least do a bunch of expressions sheets, that will keep me happy.

I also want to attend to do... a comic, with the whole combo, ink and colors, even if it just an intro, is it going to be about my own story? of course not don't be ridiculous, but if you go a bunch of old post, you might find out a clue.

For the rest.. i think i don't have anything else to tale, maybe i can show something to finish this post, let me check my folders... i believe i never showed up my fan art of the year of "you know who", and i remember why. Oh welp, here is a silly doodle instead.

Have a nice week ♪


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