abril 22, 2015

Some actual news

Hey fellas, have something to tell!

From work:
Since the production at Wild Kratts is a bit slow, I went to work with another studio called Big Jump, I didn't left any studio, at the contrary, i'm with two now, because unfortunately, i'm not a plant, so I need an income for food and bills. And aside for a brush, I think i'm not doing that bad.

From animation:
I'm not doing big things, but some small animations here and there, like the dragon ball stuff that I had shown before, now i'm with college buddies doing the reanimation of the Magic School Bus intro, thought now they are trying to finish another one before. I picked a small scene because... animating a prop is not my strength (animation in general, i got stuck on pineland), dunno if when I finished my scene i can pick up another one. In the meanwhile, this is a sketch of how i want it to go.

From drawings and doodles:
I actually have a good chunk of characters drawings to ink and color (with a lot of rough to do before of course), thought i didn't do much last week because i was on my red week and my self stem wasn't at it's best, hopefully i'm at 3 characters to finish my next line up, after that, I will be going with random characters until the next line, MAYBE I CAN GET SKETCH OUT MY MAIN CHARAS *COUGH COUGH.

From random:
I have some new random music that i have been listening in loop ♪ If you want to check out, look at the bottom of the blog to find the random songs.

Now, i'm off to go in a quest, to the post office... and them back to work.


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