septiembre 12, 2015

Cell with markers

Before going to our regular comment, let me get this out first...
WHY THE SCANNER CAN'T CATCH THE GRAYS?! Why it's so hard to do this type of coloring, i don't have to blend anything, shadow and lights, WHAT ARE THOSE?! HOW DO I DRAW?!?!?!?


Now that i left that bit of hysteria, i can now tell my actual comment, with all the picky, coloring with markers is pretty fun, and relaxing, the inking is kind of frustrating because well, i'm not a traditional artist and it has been a good chunk of a while since i inked something. So one of my plans (which includes killing two birds with one stone as well) is to do a meme with Cell called "Let's Draw Villain Faces" and coloring it with the markers, one version with him, because i can, and i might do another one with one of my villains, i just need one last expression to finish, which is blank and means i can do whatever i want, and the fifth one is already sketched. 

If you want more comment, check the sketch area, where i have more sketches of him and my bubu comments of "i can't draw him on model/i'm a disgrace".


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