septiembre 12, 2015

Preview - Resident Evil, Walk in the Park

This is a preview of my parody comic from my first play of Resident Evil Remastered, left on hold because of the work, and... got sketching another type of stuff.

And because reasons, i divided myself intro three, like those voices in your head that you hear once i a while... or a lot, depending how much alone time you get. The main cast is Maria (orange) the coward, who still thinks this is going to be fun even knowing what will happen, Chechera (red) the sarcastic, who for the most part seems fine, but is to hide most of the bad temper, and Darkie (blue) the one that should be the common sense, but is mostly an ignorant with the brain of a little kid.

Hopefully i will get to continue the rest more forward, the script for the first chapter is already done, and i left sketched at least 10 pages.


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