septiembre 09, 2015

So no post during August, my bad, we will have something for this month? Maybe.
At the moment i'm just sketching a bit more on some old sketchbooks, i got a second monitor from my sister, whom also got her own work space update, however, because of the double monitor, my tablet speed is now different, and is getting hard to get used to it.

Meanwhile, why i'm doing? Welp, i will leave a quick list for it:

  • Parody comic of Resident Evil Remastered, which is basically putting myself on the game and telling what i was thinking the first time playing, which even thought i knew how the story was going to be, i got quite a lot of surprises, got the script for the first chapter, but i left it on hold because doing comics is a bit more hard than expected.
  • A bunch of characters to be rough fixed, inked and color for ref, hopefully i will have two line ups to show after i finish two more characters. Thought the inking process is a bit more harder now.
  • Haven't done my yearly fan art of my favorite character yet, but i can't do one yet because i continuously feel awkward about my lack of drawing the character (is not on model, this doesn't seem right, how does this work and so on), so to get the fun part, i'm just doing a bunch of random expressions like i did 4 years ago, and with lots of patience, maybe coloring those as well, depending of the mood.
  • Will try to do some stuff with markers because they are FUN to work, even if i suck with those, already coloring some of the expressions for a meme.

Will try to submit some previews and sketches after i get some drawings today, doodling a bed sofa watching youtube is glorious.


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