Interested in a commission? No problem, please read the term of services below before doing so.

If I'm not comfortable, I have the right to refuse a commission.

Have you chosen your type of commission? Good! Now I will need a visual reference or a detailed description of the character that I will draw for you, if there are also any other details that could be missed, write it down as well. Please also write or send references for a type of pose or expression you want me to go or to put on the commission.

Payment will be done through Paypal only, if I agree to do your commission, I will require you to pay up front before I start on your commission, once the payment is confirmed I will begin the work. Please put your name or username on the Paypal description with no additional info to know who you are. Remember to send your payment as a service and do not put any address on it.

In case it doesn't read well, here are the prices for each type of commission:

  • Waist Up $7
  • Full Body $10
Ink with Flats:
  • Waist Up $14
  • Full Body $20
Full Color:
  • Waist Up $35
  • Full Body $45
For extra characters: 50% of the base price

So, how is this going to work?
For all types, I will give you a WIP of each stage to keep you informed and make sure I'm getting your commission right.

For sketches: They are done in traditional, I will send you first some thumbs to figure out how you want the final sketch, I can do some tweaks after the sketch is done.

For ink with flats: I will send you first some thumbs to figure out the first step, them I will do the sketch in traditional, but i do the tweaks digitally, I can do some tweaks after the ink is done. Flats can be in color or grey scale.

For color and shaded: I will send you first some thumbs to figure out the first step, them I will do the sketch in traditional, but i do the tweaks digitally. I encourage you to tell me about any tweaks/revision/changes during this stage, I could do some on the inking stage, the only tweaks that i will be able to do during coloring are shadow fixes or color changes. If you want me to tweak something related to the pose during this stage, you will be charged 15% of the price of the commission you picked for every change.

For any type of commission, if you want a redo of the whole pose during the final steps, you will need to paid as another one.

Ink and color commissions will have transparent BG, but you can request a color card for no charge. I can't do complex BG at the moment. If you want a big prop on your drawing, we can discuss it by note or mail.

In the case of a cancellation or refund, if I'm the one cancelling the work for personal reasons or you decide to cancel before i start working, you will receive a full refund. Except for sketch, if you cancel the commission in the middle of any stage work (ink or color), or if i cancel because of disrespectful or offensive behavior, you will receive a partial of the refund, the initial payment minus the work it has been done.

What can i do:

- Characters (OC and FC)
- Creatures
- Fan Art (some)
- Anthro (some)

If I didn't put something on the list, it means I can't do it or I won't. I don't want to mess up with something I don't know or make me feel uncomfortable.

Once the commission is finished, you can re post it on your own account or pages as long you give me the credit. If you want to keep your commission private, let me know so i won't publish it.

If you want me to draw a character from someone else that isn't yours, please ask them and send me a proof (note for example) or their approval. 

If you have any questions, you are free to ask by note or by mail.

For more examples of my work, you can check my page Yeodarkie


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